Friday, August 7, 2009

Licenced to Chill

The northern girl heads south to chill out, literally....

Soon I'll be en route to Christchurch to start the long awaited "Club Field Tour". (I see in the Winter 09 issue of the NZskier mag they have dubbed it "the Hot Tub tour" - hmmm, maybe we need to rethink this plan...)

It all started way back in Spring 08. The epic long season that sadly had to come to an end on the slopes of Turoa in the middle of SNOvember. It felt like we'd only just hit the beach when the Chill Crew announced a Christmas deal on the all mountain Chill Pass, so we dove straight in!

To date my only other trip to the southern fields was in Winter 08. We got fresh powder night riding at Coronet peak straight off the plane, 12 of us based in a huge house in QT for an awesome week at the local fields, plus a day trip up to the most beautiful Ohau. It seemed right to go back - but we wanted to see more and the Chill Pass was a perfect fit.

It's gonna be quite a journey. Two girls, a skier and a snowboarder, and we're about to master nutcrackers. The learning curve is gonna be steep, the scenery (and the snow) is going to be awesome, and I am really looking forward to visiting new places and meeting new people along the way.

Nutcracker and Harness - let the fun begin!

More Chill info here...

I'll post if/where I can, so stay tuned. Chonnie.