Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goggle tan - whoops

I feel kinda bad for not writing anything last week as the last weekend of the school holidays was spent nice and dry indoors - but this weekend just gone was bluebirds and more than made up for it... especially for a weekend warrior like myself.

The weather immediately before the weekend was rather ick to say the least, but by Sat 25th it was clear blue skies and predicted to be that way for a few days. Both sides had a some freshies, it was cool and clear and the snow was nice off trail - so plenty of room for the weekend masses to spread around. (good spots of stash if you knew where to look too) Of note, there were obvious mini avo triggers close to the trails. Eg: Sisters, Amphitheatre, Hamiltons... some self triggered and some patrol triggered. Impressive booms of avalanche work continued in the morning.

The Spy/Elan Jib Nat's were on in the terrain park and I spent a couple of hours here, peeled back to a Tshirt and thermal under sunny skies. I was there to support an extended family member and a few other mates who had entered. I tell ya there is a hot new generation of skiers and boarders coming through, keep an eye out for them in the months years to come.

Into Sunday - cool clear and blue skies once again - stoked. Did anyone notice the crazy cloud over Taranaki way in the morning? It was weird - I wish I got a picture! Bit firmer than the day before and still plenty of people to negotiate round. But we spent another full day at Turoa pausing at the Giant cafe right before the lifts closed admiring the sun over the water on the west coast and soaking it all in before the last run of the day.

Monday - Groundhog day! I had booked this day off work ages ago, not expecting to get 3 bluebird days in. Another firm day at Turoa, and another big day. Goggle tan starting to take full effect... whoops, I hope the new sunscreen works a bit better than the old one...

Retro GS at Turoa next weekend - see you there.

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Matt said...

Where are the fangs? Teeth dropped out from too much J├Ągermeister eh.