Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 2 - Mount Hutt and Springfield

day 2! and 2nd day riding

WORST SLEEP EVER. Now I am thankful we went to sleep so early, cos at least I got a few hours in. I was aware of the band, but expected the noise, and lived with it... but the real party seemed to start somewhere about 3am when it was all over downstairs and all on out on the street below. At some point a guy was on the balcony outside my window and right by my head - and just as I was sleeping again (I think) - he yells at the top of his lungs "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Now I know it wasn't aimed at me, but I was dying to say "what do you think I am doing? I AM F***ING SLEEPING YOU MORON". Then there was all the loud conversations 2 doors down and the knock on our door at 4 or 4.30... sleeping in didn't happen at all! Don't get me wrong, nice pub, nice food, simple but cosy rooms, recently done up bathroom, but best not to stay on a weekend if you intend to sleep? We should have known better.

the view from our room

Rant over. We packed up and went to a café for breakfast at 9am. Methven seems quiet compared to Ohakune at a similar time of day. I guess we are used to the constant stream on traffic up the only mountain road, it just wasn't the same here. Even the ski/board shops were quiet. We weren't even sure if the mountain we were looking at was the one we were about to ride on, there's so many to choose from with the alps right there. But the mountain shaped street lamps and park benches are just like home in Ohakune!

Heading up the mountain road the drive was more familiar this time. There was a bit more time to take some more photo's while we killed the hours. I was particulary fascinated with the wind clouds. Hoped it was gonna be ok up there. As we waited for the morning to tick over we went souvenir shopping, purchased some lunch, and looked at some cute dogs playing in the snow. It's a bit of a novelty as Ruapehu is in a National Park and dogs up the mountain is a big NO NO. I guess it's accepted at Hutt?

our car on the road up

worrying wind clouds out over the plains

We rode the Towers Triple Chair, all the way at the bottom, before the afternoon shadow started its journey over the field. Then with our friends from up north we hit our favourite run combo of the day up top several times, which was something like Fascination/Hubers/Johnny Doles/Broadway. Not sure, it's all new! There was a bit of a cool wind across the tops, and some snow swirling round, but not too bad and the sun/vis was perfect.

punters on the pack, in the wind, near top of 6

Top of the 6

Today's aprés of choice was a mulled wine, and a steaming hot strong brew at that! On the way down we stopped by some unusual snow fences for pictures saying goodbye to our time at Mt Hutt. At the bottom of the road there was Mr Whippy (icecream truck) PLUS a fundraising bbq. As we still hadn't gone shopping for supplies, a sausage wrapped in bread was going to be dinner for the night as we drove onward to our home for the next 7 days in Springfield. (Yes, just like the Simpsons, and they even have a doughnut sculpture) The second half of our dinner ended up being chips and dip from the general store. Yum.

healthy dinner

Well, we checked into our tiny little room, but managed to stack and poke stuff in such a way that would could live in each others faces for the next while. The bonus is a TV and DVD player in our room, so it was just perfect to lie in bed and watch telly, getting excited about the days ahead. We had done 2 out of 2 riding, and tomorrow will be the first on the Chill Pass. Porters ski area, and time to get the T bar legs on.

home for the week - little eh?!