Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mild temps continue to rock on. Still hovering around 20 degree highs most days in AK. Although we have had a temperature drop of sorts, and some coolish streaks (sometimes reaching for the extra blanket) it still does not feel like we have had THE icy autumn blast.

I spent a couple of days in Nelson and Blenheim last week. 23 degrees when we landed in Blenheim. Cooled to about 4 degrees overnight, but it was calm and clear. Running past the vineyards in the morning there was a touch of fog around, and I soon overheated in the sunlight with my thermal on. Later that same day in Nelson I could hear cicadas!! See, they think it's still summery.

view from the kitchen over my morning coffee

The MetService long range forecast is as follows for Ruapehu region. Lets see what eventuates later in the week. Freezing level 2400 on Friday means we might see some snow action round the top lifts down to the base area, 1700 on Saturday means we might see some action round the base areas..... ??