Monday, June 27, 2011

here comes the snow

More snow on the ground at Ruapehu and this lot should stick around.

Drove up towards Turoa yesterday and got as far as 13km, where the gate was closed and it was snowing! Ventured out of the car for a little walk up to the hairpin and on the way back our tracks were filling in, and there was snow even futher down the mountain road. 
It's been cold enough for snowmaking, and here's hoping for even more natural stuff over this week. (better a bit late than never)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

an even slower start

Thought autumn and winter was slow to start last year?

looking at the temporary Knoll cafe from the new one

Aside from a holiday to Melbourne at the beginning of May (when it was freeeeeeezing) it just hasn't felt cold. Keep telling myself that autumn is a tease anyway, but things not feeling "right" were confirmed when it was reported to be the warmest May in NZ since records began.... wetter and 2.5'C warmer than normal. Now it's looking like the warmest June on record.

Other indicators of the warmness are:
  • constantly overdressing for work since my return from my Australia holiday
  • no frost on my car (while it is rare, there might have been at least one occurance by now)
  • not even looked at my board, nor got it out for the pre season wax
  • only one pre season jaunt to the National Park after an earlier snowfall 
The recent cold fronts just didn't happen last weekend, there is another predicted for this weekend, please please please snow.
... the start of something??again?

I know we moan about it every year, and generally the snow/trails are pretty crap (except for the good days)... but to be starting from scratch is pretty worrying. Turoa was supposed to open this weekend but has now moved to July 2nd, same day at Whakapapa.  South Island ski fields have all postponed their openings til further notice.