Monday, July 13, 2009

a day at Turoa

Whoever put this sign up is a genius!

It’s been a good week for the first week of the school holidays – open all week with some freshies to boot. Being stuck at work you end up watching it all happen from afar – checking out the webcams, see the piccies on facebook, read the stories on snowco, and even here in the AK you can hear familiar Ohakune voices doing the snow reports on the radio.

But it wasn’t all sloppy leftovers at Turoa on Saturday. Yes chopped up, and shaved off to ice in some places, but people still stoked to be out on the snow which was still dry and lovely to ride up high where the crowds spread out. The weather was still good too before the gale force winds closed the mountain on Sunday.

Hiking to the summit at Turoa

For those more adventurous, hiking was on. Many people took the early season hike up to the summit (including my lovely boyfriend), and some also ventured out west with a little hike out depending where they went.

Skiers at Turoa

I did not mention that last weekend I tweaked my knee in a fall on the Saturday. For a moment there I thought it was all over and another trip off to the hospital. But it’s been holding up ok, and the week of rest did it good. No swelling or bruising, so it appears to be rather minor – whew! It was not 100% back on the slopes, so I had a cruisy day staying in nice and close spending most of my day in the vicinity of the Jumbo T.

Next weekend is Retro Day at Turoa! Saturday the 18th. Bust out the one piece, the old board or straights - see you there.

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Carolyn said...

Hope your knee is on the mend now!