Monday, June 15, 2009

a smidge of rain

Alpine Meadow - Sun 14th June

So the Alpine Meadow poma and carpet lifts have been open for just over a week. Great to see so many people taking advantage of the early snow cover.

Bit of rain Fri/Sat/Sun (ish) stripped the ridges on the lower slopes (Turoa). Overall, it's not too bad up there, no reason to panic people! It was certainly a warm week compared to the freeeezing temps of the previous week, but looking set to get cold and snow again and tidy things up before the official opening weekend at Turoa this weekend. And - It's very likely we'll get some upper mountain action on an opening weekend (rather than just the Alpine meadow.) watch this space.

So it wasn't exactly hiking weather this weekend, the gear stayed locked away. Few more familiar faces in town (Ohakune), and a few more new one's too, great to see you all.

a peek of Turoa - Saturday evening

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