Monday, June 22, 2009

Opening Day(after)

approaching 9km bridge - Ohakune Mountain Road

1st Chairlift ride for the season

a midfield view from the Movenpick Chair

fresh windblown snow nestled in the Why Not's

me and my shadow - top of the High Flyer chair

Turoa "opened" Saturday but was closed due to wind and poor weather. Only the Alpine Meadow was open and sounds like it was pretty busy despite the condtions. Snowed a little overnight, and on Sunday snow guns were running. It was bluebirds, cold winds, with stashes of windblown in spots too. The top car park filled, and it seemed busy at times, but generally no wait or a small wait for lifts. At the Giant Cafe there were no waits for food or "facilities" which allowed plenty of time to go riding.

Movenpick and Parklane Chair were running. As was the High Flyer quad. Groomed runs were (from the top) Upper Freeway and Yahoo, Boneyard, Clarry's Track. RAL worked hard all day grooming a couple more trails at the top. Tuesday's snow was a top up, and they have been able to make snow all week, harvesting and pushing onto trails if/where required. Top Job. The High Noon Express opened at 230 so by the end of the day there was top to bottom riding, including Snowbird and Little Bowl - yeee ha.