Wednesday, June 3, 2009

first run of the season

The thing about a 3 day weekend is it makes it a 4 day week at work and things are super busy. So, sorry for the delay… here is the round up from the weekend…

Took a leisurely drive down on Saturday 30th May, arriving in Ohakune late Saturday afternoon. We drove up to Turoa for a look at the snow, only to find 100 or so people had the same idea as us - the Alpine Meadow learner’s area was teaming with people on skis, boards and toboggans. And there was such good snow coverage they could well have opened for the long weekend. (HOT off the press today – Alpine Meadow at Turoa opens this Saturday the 6th!)

Turoa car park

There was no wind, and it was snowing gently as we hiked to the Wintergarden area. I hiked a bit further up to the top of the Boneyard for a bit of a longer run back down to the base before it got dark. Snow conditions down low here were smooth looking icy surface off trail and a churned up groomer track on trail. But when we can ride all the way to the car park for first turns of 2009 in MAY who are we to complain!!

Wintergarden, Snowflake Cafe

The Boneyard, And Giant Chair

Dawn in Ohakune was clear on Sunday. Then it didn’t take long for it to grey over and snow. It snowed ALL day but did not settle on the ground till late afternoon, a few cm’s and then it suddenly stopped?! C’mon, we were hoping to be snowed in!!

Turoa dawn

9km gate on Sunday morning

Ohakune streets at sunset

Ohakune sunset

closed at 3km

The mountain road closed to Turoa due to the snow and ice so on the way home on Monday we drove up the Whakapapa side for a look. Not as much snow on the NW side, it seems that last storm really nailed the south and the east (even snow out on Te Mata peak in Gisborne.)

So Taranaki and Mt Hutt are now open, and soon Turoa will be too. It’s a clear and crispy high over us this week. Ruapehu snow guns are now all go!

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