Monday, June 28, 2010

early season waiting...

but it's been snowing... have faith people more snow will come!

So that rain this week wasn't very kind (sad face). There's been some High Flyer chair action this week just gone, but things low down got a bad case of the melts.

On Saturday I went to Whakapapa for a look. Didn't really fancy sharing one chair with the 000's in town for Mardis Gras. Had my first chairlift ride for the season down into Happy Valley to see what was going on there for opening day. The chair was running and most of the field was covered, and there were plenty of people giving it a go. I felt naked with nothing on my feet tho. I pottered around and walked up only as far as National Chair to look up the Rock Garden. Vis was not great and the Centennial Chair was only running for contractors and clubbies to transport stuff to their huts. It was dumping big wet snow for an hour as I left the hill. So pretty. Had fingers crossed for the following day, please keep snowing.

lonely snowman by the National Chair

With the drizzle set in at Ohakune for the night, we flagged getting wet and muddy at Mardis Gras, but could hear the bands and see the fireworks sweet as from the back deck of the house.

Up and at em early, well 8am, to get on the road before the masses (hoping they were sleeping in after a hard night.) The road was initially closed at the 13km barrier, but was well gritted and easy going. Jumped on one of the first lifts and then called it by lunchtime when the fog at Turoa turned to wet mist. It was good that there was no wind Saturday night cos the snow stuck evenly-ish without major windstriping/drifting that can happen in a storm. By the sounds of it, it came straight down on all 3 fields, which is good for the base. So we picked our lines skiers left of the Upper Freeway off the groom. Really enjoyed the runs through there. Only a couple of hidden rocks and nothing too major to need to dodge. The snow has a thinnish crisp top, but was overall quite creamy to ride through. By the tracks and the lack of people, it seemed like there was just a few of us sharing this line, so it was nice and clean each time we arrived.

Massey Flat - Turoa

If I could have Monday morning's sunshine and great vis, with Sunday's snow and lack of wind, that would be great! But as a weekend warrior you have to make the most of what you can get. It's snowing again this Monday afternoon. The old weather maps will get poured over this week! Next weekend is the first of school holidays. All going good I hope to take a little person (not mine!) skiing or boarding on the Meadow.

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