Sunday, May 10, 2009

a walk in the park

Today we went to visit a friend in Taupo, but drove the long way from Auckland via Whakapapa (to drive up to the ski field and take a look at the snow.) When we arrived we discovered the road up the mountain was closed, so decided to take a walk to the Silica Rapids while we were there. Felt like a bit of a dork wearing full snowboarding kit (minus boots), but the weather forecast was for it to clag in and we knew good warm gear would be needed as we gained a bit of altitude.

At the rapids, we could see there had been a lot of snow down low that was furiously melting and filling the streams. The last part of the track is out in the open amongst tussock and low lying sub-alpine shrubs. Here we got hit by a passing snow cloud, and as we met the Bruce Road and walked down the to the gate it absolutley puked! We still couldn't see the mountain, but it was sure to be dumping up there. Woop Woop

There is still more snow forecast for the next few days. When it clears I have a feeling there will be people hiking for some turns.

Bruce Road Barrier, Whakapapa Village

found some

Mt Tongariro peeking through - view from the new house in Taupo.